The Case of The Missing Necklace!

By: Meric and Bradley

Detective Mason has been robbed of his great grandmother’s necklace that was passed down to him by will. He starts investigating. He discovers a ripped off piece of shirt that had DNA on the fence infront of his house. He checks The DNA and it was a DNA of a male. Mason searched his database for a match. He found a match on his database and it was a man called Billy Bob.

So he went to Billy Bob`s Apartment. There he found Billy in his apartment on the phone. Billy was talking to the Jewellry store owner hoping to sell the necklace. Then Detective Mason crept closer then cleared his throat. Billy Bob knew he was in a spot of trouble so he jumped out the window to his death leaving the necklace right in the middle of his bed. Detective Mason collected the necklace off the bed, and he went back home and put in his safe.

The End.